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25 Aug

Record 1-st, or however it all began


Lose weight. How much to write approximately it and tell. So many tips, instructions and techniques! When I conceived to lose gravity (in summer 2011), I shoveled much of information, and was ready for a radical change in diet (because the extra 14kg of me there). Rightly, I did not start to torture yourself zhestkach [...]

14 Aug

Arrayed balanced nutrition


Recently, I stopped myself to please. Externally. Began to notice that I envy the slim and young. But decided that with age, nothing can be done… So there was one employee stabbed me in the stomach, suggesting that the stomach is very big… Later the movie comes across to me some Tatiana Vasilieva. To me [...]

05 Aug

Knowing his weak will towards sports which speedily


I am 35 years old. All your lives, but rather 14 years, I’m in overweight in different ways – a small regime, a small sports. The desire to possess a goodness form does not leave me for a second, so every time, gaining extra weight, I started to look for the shortest technique to have [...]

03 Aug

Terms dietary Valley


Let us recognize that we are all, regardless of age, sex, color, strive to be good and more lovely. Each is manifested in various forms, but in general, you all wish to be slim. Each code or thought: “If I may lose weight, then I will be able to wear such,” or “That would quickly [...]

03 Aug

Bisque Regime (Bonn soup)


Unlike broth regime from all the others is that it operates on the principle that “the more to eat, the more shrivels.” Agree that the hardest part of the regime is to give up and walk eatables always empty. In this apply case you are not threatened. Not threaten also the fact that you will [...]

03 Aug

Fluid diet – any method to lose weightiness


The desire to have rid of extra pounds makes us strive to their new dietary. The results of one – please, others – not visible. In this article, we’ll tell you approximately one unusual dietary, which is based on the apply of only fluent diet food. As the developers of this technique two weeks to [...]

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