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24 Apr

Regimen Larisa Dolina (7-time)


The transformation of this singer in a harmonious beautiful bbw remember everything. And apparently so the regimen, called her name, still enjoys popularity. In this regime there are a few options. Here is one of them. For a 7 days you can lose weight by 7 kg. The products need be spread throughout the time. [...]

21 Apr

Kefir diet Valley


Regimen Larisa Dolina (kefir regimen Larisa Dolina) helps to lose up to 7 kg. In one 7 days. Regimen Larisa Dolina is based on yogurt and lasts exactly seven times. During the regimen need eat strictly to the specified routine, with the finish meal should be no later than 18 pm. Following a regimen Larisa [...]

20 Apr

Watermelon diet – the most delectable diet


Summer – the best time for healing the aging body. Nature provides the opportunity to stock up on vitamins and trace elements, which are so lacking in the winter. We all claim to beginning a new working year, coming to work slim, lovely and full of energy. To put in order the form there are [...]

19 Apr

The prose of life: it’s time to regimen


Alas, alas, sadly, but sedentary work and sedentary hobby did the dirty deed… Ishnie 15 kilogram – a disaster! Substitute jobs? – But I like it one that involves working with documents and computer.. Substitute hobby? – But I same to knit, knitting, crocheting, shuttle – no problem, so long so it calms me down [...]

14 Apr

Each veg – your time


This saying is very relevant for the Kremlin dietary. Look closely at the list, what are the fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, and all these may be included in the carte. “Good” is a veggie raw vegetables low in carbohydrates. You may be eaten in the 1-st times of the regimen. Cucumbers, eggplant, cauliflower, cabbage, you [...]

12 Apr

Fruit Regime – one of the oldest and most efficacious dietary


Fruit regimen – one of the oldest and most effective diet. It is designed to quickly get rid of the initial pounds and cleanse the body. Fresh fruit diet also consists of some species, including the mono-diet. We consider some variants of fruit dietary. Fresh fruit regime allowed to eat fresh fruits, cereals, cooked in [...]

12 Apr

Grape regime


Man who wants to lose weightiness, at the present time offers a myriad of regimen. Sometimes skin eyes have… And what if you strive something unconventional, breaks common stereotypes? For example grape regimen. In – the 1-st is a great way to clean out the body of toxins, in – the second a beautiful tool [...]

10 Apr

Regimen for the first group of blood


Blood group regime, is complex and requires a radical substitute in lifestyle. First, let’s give the characteristics of people with 1-st blood: these are people with a strong immune system, the ability to burn fat is very big. If you stick to a dietary for your blood type, you will easily lose the extra pounds. [...]

09 Apr

English and French, Chinese and Japanese, the Kremlin


Why do women always on a regimen and yet not losing weight? Paradox – however many women were on a regime – you yet get better. Moreover, all of the fairer sex perfectly aware of this. So, it must go to the ladies’ online forum on the needs of “so to lose weight fast”, “urgently [...]

02 Apr

Diet in English


British diet has one distinct advantage. If the majority of trendy diets brings only a temporary escape from the extra weight, it ensures long-term, “sustainability” harmony. Is not this your dream? Every woman knows what is the basis of any principle of a strict dietary – by calorific restriction. Do not argue, it gives the [...]

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