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29 Jan



A typical Aries – efficacious, restless people. He has a goodness lustiness, and that’s why you do not like to go to doctors. Aries people are able to work to exhaustion and fail to comply. Especially in nutrition. They might so rightly eat, drink and everything, do happy guests and like to organize a feast. [...]

27 Jan

Diet, regimen, regimen


Most people select a regimen so a major tool to combat obesity. Of course, they are rightly. Without regime or without normalization food mass loss, efficacious weight loss is simply unthinkable. However what diet you choose? How to determine what’s this diet is for you, but that, though, and lauded in numerous sources so the [...]

17 Jan

Kefir regimen Valley


Diet Larisa Dolina (kefir regime Larisa Dolina) helps to lose up to 7 kilogram. In one week. Dietary Larisa Dolina is based on yogurt and lasts exactly seven days. During the regime should eat strictly to the specified routine, with the finish meal want be no later than 18 pm. Following a diet Larisa Dolina [...]

15 Jan



Cancer – an unusual and lovely gourmet make, loves similar no other comfortably and have a space meal, loves the way the sweet (and in later years, especially), the regular sport anyway, he is indifferent. But here at the Cancer weak stomach, often plagued by constipation, ulcers. What you can eat: You can, and even [...]

04 Jan

Moving from regimen to diet


If you need to lose weight and be successful, you require to prepare yourself mentally for this, sort of a test. Long-term success after switching from dietary to diet will be provided done self-control and patience. The transition from one diet to another regime: what you need to know. Any change in the lifestyle of [...]

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