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28 Dec



Especial eating habits do not. That post, so eagerly attacked the diet food. However you say, but in the preparation fire hollow. Affects ambivalence unusual nature of Aquarius, oscillating between instinct and cause. Therefore, there are frequent, all sorts of problems with the digestive tract, and there is increased acidity of the stomach. However, other [...]

28 Dec

Some fresh food


Right, I’m losing weight, yes, many of my friends, and my mother in particular, enjoys a diet Duke. Skpeticheski I feel approximately it. Knew small, but I heard that it protein, and I was imagining a regimen that relies only on the consumption of animal protein – beee.. Aging body, I To think of, may [...]

27 Dec

Japanese diet


Intelligences spring fair sex master thought of the perfect shape. These thoughts plagued us throughout the year, but in the spring – especially. It is not surprising that in the spring more and more effectual in conversations passers ladies, girlfriends and co-worker heard themes of nice, nutrition and various dietary. One of the diets presently [...]

25 Dec

Theme for moms. “Lose weight and keep healthy”


Lose weightiness or maintain your well-being? Ducane dietary can enjoy anything you want, in any quantity, and it speedily gained the popularity. Do not wish to count calories, eat on the clock too. Eat all you request, as long however the basis of the regimen was protein. Ducane promised myself that with his dietary may [...]

21 Dec

4-th phase. Stabilization


The 4-th stage. Stabilization Once you get successfully completed the consolidation phase diet, you run on to the 4-th and final phase of the regime of Dr. Duke. Your new grown thin aging body will extract every finish calorie of all that you eat, and your metabolism will be calm. But do not rejoice in [...]

19 Dec

Regimen “Beloved”


The method has helped with the volume of calories to keep the weight, which is lovely. From August 20 to try to start a regime “Beloved” comfortably or at least the so-called on the Internet. The meaning of the regime is that cleanse the aging body + 10 kg uhoditdo no return (what I believe [...]

18 Dec

Dietary “Beloved”


The program has helped with the quantity of calories to keep the mass, which is fine. From August 20 to try to start a diet “Beloved” correctly or at least the so-called on the Internet. The meaning of the regimen is that cleanse the aging body + 10 kg uhoditdo no return (what I believe [...]

17 Dec

Regimen in English


British diet has one distinct advantage. If the majority of trendy regime brings only a temporary escape from the extra gravity, it ensures long-term, “sustainability” harmony. Is not this your dream? Everyone knows what is the basis of any principle of a strict regime – by calorific restriction. Do not argue, it gives the effect, [...]

13 Dec

Diet Kim Protasov: to become a gazelle, not skinny cow


A dietary designed for 5 week. Her “favorites” – raw vegetables and dairy items. Author dietary promises that in 5 weeks “you lose how much so this is useful to you.” Kim Protasov – Israeli nutritionist. Regime, which he developed, does not limit the quantity food: at least, raw vegetables and dairy items can eat [...]

12 Dec

Kefir regime


Possess a nice and slender figure every woman dreams of. Let say that a goodness man need be plenty. All this justification of those who may not keep her figure in top form. And even more however in an age when harmony is associated with lustiness, began to actively get involved in all sorts of [...]

08 Dec

“Regime Larisa Dolina” is one of the first places in the ranking of the most pop


“Regime Larisa Dolina” is one of the 1-st places in the ranking of the most pop and efficient diet, which was developed by the singer 20 years ago. After the 1-st application of Larisa Dolina was a stunning result! Since it is difficult to imagine how many dieters possess used this dietary and rejoiced dropped [...]

07 Dec

Detox Dietary


Detox regimen may not alone quickly get rid of extra pounds, but also improve your health. It also helps to maintain a healthy gravity, how detoxification promotes the evolution of healthy eating habits. The main item of detox dietary are fresh fruit and fresh vegetables – eat them in the usual technique, or create one [...]

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